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You agree to the following Terms and Conditions of when you agree to work with us. Once payment received these Terms and Conditions are legally binding. Any work done by, its partners and contractors are hereby legally protected by these terms and conditions.


All applicable parties are required to read and agree to the following conditions. A condition of placing any order is bound by the set forth terms. will not be bound by any conditions imposed by the customer/client (hereafter referred to as the “buyer”, “customer”, or “client”), unless agreed in writing and signed by all company owners & partners.


You are responsible for providing your content in the specified given time frame. Providing content after that may cause your material to not be displayed even if you have already paid. EVERY DETAIL OF YOUR CONTENT INCLUDING SPELLING, VERBIAGE AND ACCURACY OF THE INFORMATION PROVIDED IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. All Transactions Are Final... 1st Page Biz LLC DBA C1 Media does not provide Refunds.

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